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  • About us!

    We want this 'about us' to really be about us.
    We want you to know that we, HXTN Supply, produce backpacks and bum bags - the likes of which we hope you'll really like!
    We want you to know that we are a very small team of real people rooted in south-east England. I'm Scott, aged 26 and introducing you to our crazy world of backpacks and bum bags - inspired by what we see, what we imagine and what we (hope!) you reading this will enjoy.

    To us this means quality made bags. Cool, contemporary fabrics, price points that won't break the bank and above all else a cool factor that will leave your friends, colleagues and family jealous of your brand new HXTN bag!!

    It's our passion to work day and night, travelling the world to bring you the very best products we can. Know that when you're purchasing and proudly sporting one of our lines, that very product was an idea only months ago - discussed, drawn up and produced with total love.

    At HXTN we create what we love and hope you'll love what we create.

    If there's ever anything we can help, answer or assist with, please don't hesitate to drop us a mail. Or maybe follow our journey on one of our many socials? It'll always be one of us on the other end, hoping to advise in best and quickest way we possibly can!

    Finally. You won't fully know about us until you meet the real big boss, our office manager... TEDDY!!

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